Fucking until the water sloshes

Quite an original office fuck

If you read about an office fuck or watch hot sex videos about fucking at work there seem to be two places people prefer to choose: on the boss's desk, or on a copier … But what I once experienced is something quite different and original.

At our office we have a “recreation room” for the staff. This is some kind of tea kitchen, only bigger. You can sit there, make conversation, relax, do nothing, heat a TV dinner in the microwave oven and so on. And of course there is a big water dispenser as well. You know those metal stands with enormous plastic bottles attached holding the water. Our dispenser has been put in a small alcove; the house where our company resides is quite old, and there are lots of nooks and crannies. But the alcove is just a bit bigger than the dispenser.

And once, when I had an affair at the office, with a smoking hot female co-worker, this lady pulled me up and into this alcove, beside the water dispenser. She immediately began to fumble for my fly, pushing up her skirt at the same time. I got a short glimpse of her naked pussy because obviously she was running around without panties this day, and then she was pressing her coosie against me.

Since at that point she had already pulled down my trousers and my underpants, freeing my hard and throbbing cock, I felt the wetness of her slit at the tip. Then she put up one leg on some kind of sill that run halfway up the ceiling along the wall, opening her pussy wide.

I obliged her, although I was feeling a bit funny, because there were other people in the room, if not many. But I believed us to be invisible in this little alcove, so I thought I would have a go at it. I put both my hands against her naked booty, pushed her up a bit, and then pushed my cock into her wet and tight darkness.

So we were fucking besides the water dispenser, and after a while I forgot everything around us. I pushed and thrust into her as fast and as strongly as I could, panting with ecstasy. And she was giving me sweet little yips in my ear, grinding against me passionately.

And then, suddenly, I noticed the water in the water dispenser sloshing around, making waves, a bit like the sea. How utterly embarrassing! Now everyone in the room would know what was happening! At that time, though, I was already too far gone to be able to stop now, so I went on and finished the office fuck.

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